《A Place Called Slaughter Race》歌詞:by Sarah Silverman MP3歌詞

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A Place Called Slaughter Race》歌詞:
What can it be that calls me to this place today
This lawless car ballet
What can it be
Am I a baby pigeon sprouting wings to soar
Was that a metaphor
Hey there’s a dollar store
Look I’m rhyming
My spirit’s climbing
As I’m called through this fog of mace
To this place called Slaughter Race
Welcome back watch your head
Hate to see you wind up dead
Let’s get this party rollin’
Is that appliance stolen
We have-
Fallen wires
Dumpster fires
Creepy clowns
And burning tires
That great white in the sewer
You’ll be happy that you knew her
Dogs and cats they sure taste great
With a side of license plate
Some find us deplorable
Well I think you’re adorable
We may be a motley crew
But our hearts ring true
And just for you a feast of two

My heart’s in flight and wow it’s a blast
Feels like my dreams are real at last
No trace of a frown upon your face
Flying so fast
Setting the pace
Living the life
Loving the chase
Now is the time
Here is the place
This Slaughter Race

I know I should go
But home feels so slow
These roads are paved with dreams
Happy dreams not creepy clown dreams
What would Ralph say
If it turns out I stay
In this place called Slaughter Race
In this place called Slaughter Race