《No Time》歌詞:byThe Sound Providers mp3歌詞

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(All verses by Profile)

It’s time to make amends for the sins you’ve committed

You??, with the venom that you spitted

Everything was peace, you put that to a cease

Now you rallied a petition for your early release

From the team you used to run with, have fun with

Severed your ties, now you’re over and done with

The choice you make, is the path that you take

I got no time for you and all the moves you fake

It’s bad enough, you fronted on the next man’s wealth

You tryed to play the game but only played yourself

Now you roam around town with the crew of the week

With the hopes of resurrectin’ the respect that you seek

There’s a thin line between, the fake and the real

You chose to cut it lose, now your fate has been sealed

Maybe it’s the fact that you think that you’re better

Now you wonder why you been stamped with the letter

Ever’s for fake front, fraud and all above

And that’s the reason why you never get no love

This is somethin’ that I had to get off of my chest

That’s the way that it is, so I’ma put it to rest

(Dj scratches)

“So we suggest you put an F on your chest”

“I got no time for you and all the moves you fake” (3x)

“I got no time” (echoes)

This is dedicated to the ones that’s overrated

My problem is this, so let my vice be stated

You claim the forefront of this socalled scene

But constant move fakin’ is your daily routine

Livin’ of the backs of those who came before you

Talk a good game but now I got somethin’ for you

The real way, when we step to the plate

Guaranteed to break it down so everyone can relate

And see the bigger picture, yo you’re still small time

Here’ the?? and the makin’ on a lyrical climb

To the top of the game, with the mic in my hand

What more could you expect from the three man band

Underrated, ah never, my crew is too clever

Foundation is layed, now it’s time for me to sever

The week links, it’s a thinkin’ man’s game

You should have thought about that, before you ruined your name

And took the easy way out, no doubt you felt the pressure

Never thought you would be, top bailin’ in my lecture

You know who you are, so take a seat with the rest

You’re through, we suggest you put an F on your chest

“So we suggest you put an F on your chest”

“I got no time for you and all the moves you fake” (3x)

“I got no time” (echoes)

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