《Yeah Okey 》歌詞:by Sophie Zelmani Sophie Zelmani mp3歌詞

Darkness, if I’m gonna spend

All my time with you

You’ve got to be my friend

If I wanna be all along with you

I’ve got to feel your hand

And whenever we see light outside

We’ve got to let it in

And we must spare

A room for love, you know

If it’d ever find its way in

Yeah? Okey

And tell me then what I can do for you

Since I’ll be yours most of the time

I won’t be in the way you know

I’ve got things on my mind

Yeah? Okey

I’ll take the walks with you

I’ll have the talks with you

Just save me from my crazy mind

Yeah? Okey

And darkness, I want you to tell me

You can never be hurt

I got to be somewhere, you know

With no one to desert

Yeah? Okey