《At First Sight》歌詞:byJay Brannan mp3歌詞

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Title: At First Sight

Artist: Jay Brannan

Album: Goddamned

Lrc Edited By Soledad_Mylove

You said you wanted me to be your girlfriend

That took about one week to come to an abrupt end

I know you hate me, I’m a perceptive guy

I’m also aware enough not to wonder why

You like the guy on your ipod, not the guy in your bed

After the fanmail came anthrax, now you wish I were dead

If I could force you to love me, I would

You’d teach me not to be psycho, I know you could

Give me one final chance, I’ll be good

Never believed in love at first sight, but now I think I might

You said physical chemistry between us was bad

Then why are you still responding to my craigslist ad

I know every step I took along the way was wrong

Now I’m spreading it all out and fingering this song

Your text messages were like no-calorie food for my soul

Beating off to forever with you is a fantasy that blows

Now I think I might



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