《The Turnaround》歌詞:byCurious Quail mp3歌詞

Crashin’ through the gates you are the newest

usurping the limelight like a whore

these camera’s clickin’, shutter’s turnin’

flashbulbs burnin’, film it’s whirrin’

on and on / they’ll say we don’t belong

Lights come down and you become the brightest

weeks no longer made of seven days

this lavish thinkin’ / wardobe’s beamin’

expensive is just a dream and / on and on

they’ll ask what took so long

and it feels now / watered down

does it feel somehow / watered down?

Time will pass and you become the fallout

of glamourous design and broken lives

these cameras clickin’

sides are turnin’

perception, it’s so appaulin’

on and on

you’ll ask

”what went wrong?”

”What went wrong?”

”What went wrong?”

What went wrong?

and you’ll feel now / watered down / does it creep you out

the turnaround

and it feels now / watered down / does it freak you out

the turnaround?