《Death On the Stairs》歌詞:byThe Libertines mp3歌詞

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Death on the Stairs

From way far across the sea

Came an Eritrean maiden she

Had a one track mind and eyes for me

Half blinded in a war

With a pale young Anglican

Who said he’d help her all he can

Showed her Jesus and his little unholy friend

She had no notion to please him

Just say “ta ra” and leave him behind

A little boy in a stairwell who says

“I hate people like you

Got match sticks and cable TV

Half of less than fifty p”

We all clambered over the balcony

Bangin’ on the window waking Steve

Bringing with a true love his unholy friend

Singin’,”If you really need it

You just won’t leave it behind”

So baby please kill me

Oh baby don’t kill me

But don’t bring that ghost ’round to my door

I don’t wanna see them anymore

Please kill me

Oh baby don’t kill me

Just don’t bang on about yesterday

You know, I wouldn’t know about that anyway

Monkey said to the mouse before

If she loved anybody more than he

It turns you into stone

No I’m reversing down the lonely street

Cheap hotel where I can meet the past

And pay it off and keep it sweet

This is sweet like nothing no

It’s just like nothing at all

And I’ve seen you there

how could I help but stare

It rips the heart out off your baby

Taken far too much to see

Or think or touch what’s real

Stranded on this street that

Paved my only way home

You really need it oh

You just won’t leave it behind

Oh please kill me

Oh no don’t kill me

Don’t let those sun see my no

I don’t wanna see him anymore

Please kill me

Oh love don’t kill me

Don’t go on about yesterday

You know, I wouldn’t know about that anyway

Oh no

Aa ahh

Aaa aa aa

Aa ahh

He got nothin’ no

He got nothin’ at all

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