《You039re All I Need To Get By》歌詞:byDiana Ross mp3歌詞

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When I was just a little girl

I wanted the world at my feet

Now all that’s changed

‘Cause I have love

And now I do can see

You’re all I need to get by

Like the sweet morning dew

I took one look at you

And it was plain to see

You were my destiny

With arms open wide

I threw away my pride

I’ll sacrifice for you

Dedicate my life to you

I will go, where you lead

Always there in time of need

And when you lose your will

I’ll be there to push you up the hill

There’s no, no looking back for us

We’ve got love

Sure enough

That’s enough

You’re all I need to get by

All, you’re all I need to get by

Like an mother protects his nest

For you I’ll do my best

Stand by you like a tree

Dare anybody to try to move me

Darling in you I found

Strength where I was torn down

Don’t know what’s in store

But together we can open any door

Just to do what’s good for you

And inspire you a little higher

I know you can make a woman

Out of a soul that didn’t have a goal

‘Cause we, we got the right foundation

And with love and determination

You’re all I want to strive for and do a little more

All, all the joys under the sun wrapped up into

You’re all I need to get by

All, you’re all I need to get by

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