《Burnt Love Letters Feat. Zefora》歌詞:by Zefora Dave Greening mp3歌詞

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It’s been two weeks since your last letter and it feels like an eternity. When I hear the mail arrive, my heart soars as I carefully open the envelope and savor every word. It’s almost like Christmas. I wish they were all a thousand pages long so that I would never have to stop reading.


I went into the city last week and passed by our old building. Do you remember when we used to dance on the rooftop at night in the rain, and you’d spin me around and my hair would get so wet it would stick to my face and you had to push it out of the way just to kiss me? And Mrs. Lourdes would always tell us we were going to catch our death up there as we passed her door on the way downstairs? I miss trying to sneak past her door before racing you down the stairs to our flat. Sometimes I’d let you win just so that you’d do that silly victory dance. I miss the excitement of those nights, even though our clothes were soaked and it was cold. I miss dancing with you in the rain.


I miss you so much. I can’t stop thinking about you. I miss running my fingers through your hair. Standing on tip-toes to reach your lips or singing off key on purpose in the car to annoy Liv. I miss your stupid jokes and the way you absent mindedly push your glasses up your nose while you’re working. I miss you even when I am sleeping. I lie awake at night in the dark and listen to the rain gently tapping the window pane and I imagine dancing with you again until sleep finally finds me. My heart aches every time I wake to feel your empty place beside me. I miss waking up to your smile and your warmth.


Please come home safely. I love you.


(本內容由O2DNA.COM美女翻譯@隱身少女的名字一定要夠長 原創翻譯!)


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