《Gotta Be Kidding 》歌詞:byMarion Raven mp3歌詞

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marion raven – gotta be kidding

album: here i am

i loved you too much

sue me, turn me in, i am guilty

enough is enough

you’re not satisfied ’til you kill me

you gotta be kidding

what do you want

what’s going on inside your head

gotta be kidding

look what you’ve done

if i’m alive or dead

that’s all you need to know

i’m wasting my time

cause there’s no justice here in this trail

you’re way out of line

when you plead your innocence with denial


there’s nothing left to say

so don’t you tell me to let you in

this is just a game

with no players

no one will win

(what do you want from me)

(what’s going on inside your head)