《Behind the Rose》歌詞:byTom Odell mp3歌詞

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Today i meet a woman

i dont think you know

she show a smile, no bodys ever shown

she took off her clothes

and a jacket of fold

she told about somewhere, behind the rose

is looking out the bed, she said seem somebody is close

is knowing that tomorrow your not gonna wake up alone

so feel it on the legs upon my bones

thats the beauty behind the rose

is walking down the street to your old home

is the feeling of your feet on the familiar stone

is all those little things she does

that let you know

thats the beauty behind the rose

and once you find it, I know you wont gonna go

you stay up so late, you fall asleep in your clothes

you can take back a song, once it′s been wrote

but thats the beauty behind the rose.

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