《Moments Of Love (Bonus Track)》歌詞:byKris Lawrence mp3歌詞

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I wake up and I can’t help but want you

As I stare at you, you’re lying there asleep

As I’m caressing you I lean over to kiss you

And then you open your eyes you’re staring back at me

And then you smile at me

Nothing ever beats the feeling when you kiss me

Nothing in the whole world can replace this feeling

When I look in your eyes I feel so alive baby

Don’t you ever leave my side

You left for work and you leave me there to miss you

You were moving so fast you forgot to say goodbye

And now I’m all alone in your condo

Now I’m seeing till the sun goes down

I already miss your face, I’m so sad without you babe

And then you call me

There’s nothing I would rather hear than your voice speaking

Even if you ain’t seen the page just to hear you breathing

You should know by now you’re everything my queen

You’re my queen

And I know sometimes we’ll fuzz and fight

And I might think that I’m always right

Were to proud and were getting out of line

I said some things and now you’re crying there

I’m saying sorry but you just don’t care

And now it seems you don’t want me in your life

And then you hold me

Nothing ever felt so pure than you’re sweet loving

Oh nothing in this whole world can replace this feeling

That you give me, girl you’re my queen

You’re my queen

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