《Song for Liars》歌詞:byDig mp3歌詞

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You’re always bringing me down

‘Cause I won’t play the clown

You’re hard to believe in

I can’t do anything right

So I’ll just save the fight

And forget you conceived me

Well I’m in trouble now

‘Cause I won’t wear the crown

And my problem is leaving

When my head starts to spin

And I never will win

As I fumble the meaning

I’m sorry I’m not someone else

I’m sorry I can’t make it right

I’m sorry I can’t help myself

I’m sorry please excuse me

This song’s for liars

They don’t care

This song’s for liars

They don’t care

You always shove me aside

Fill my head up with lies

I wanted to hate her

The conversation got old

So I’ll just find the door

And I will be leaving

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