《Nighttime》歌詞:byPetracovich mp3歌詞

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Journey to the moon

On the back

Of a big firefly

Take us up above the city

Your hair

Picks up all the light

Tropical fish in sky

Take a ride take a ride take a ride take a

Come on

Take me for a ride

Open window’s the sign

Staining blue, soaked into my cotton skin

See now tinker bells in bloom

Leave your room for the sky

Take a ride take a ride take a ride take a ride

Nightlight glowing from the wall

Little god

Scare away, keep at bay

Elfish shadows want to fool me

Dimly, dimly lits the road

Creatures move very slow

Coming close coming close coming close coming close

Join them underneath the fern

Lit right through from the moon

Looking down,

I don’t mind if she can see me


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