《Give It 2 You》歌詞:byDa Brat mp3歌詞

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give it 2 you

1 for da money

2 for da bass

3 to get ya goin’

cause da brat in da place

it’s me, da o.g. funk bandit (whose dat?)

da b 2- da r-a-t- and in fact

if you ain’t heard of me

take a seat, lay back and listen

as i bust 4 yo ass on dis funkdafied mission

(just kick off your shoes and relax your feet

party on down wit da brat and her beat)

now it goes like dis and dat how it goes

i’ma give it to all you negroes and hoes

so listen up, make sure you listen up well

and don’t miss shit cuz this bitch be bad as hell

(true of matter is i splatta it) talk shit

and in a gangta’s way dat’s how dem fool’s get dealt wit

so want you wanna do bitch, don’t even trip

(step up, step up) and i’ma bust yo lip

cuz i know dat you know dat i know you don’t want me 2

but keep on trippin and i’ma give it 2 you

(brat is da fantastic, romantic, single handed ban-it,

and damnit)

don’t get no betta

betta it don’t get no mo

than da flo dat i flo

4 you negroes and hoes

devastating, captivating, elevating, am i

operating and i love 2 get high

(well nigga fire up, nigga fire it up)

at your request i guess it’s time for me 2 get fucked up

it goes (1 puff,2 puff, 3 puff, 4)

from the bottom 2 the top, top 2 bottom i go

so now you know, what i ain’t and what i is

it’s da baddest new bitch in da hip hop biz

o.g. i- what i (am)

a brat is what i (be)

blounts are what i (smoke)

and you can’t see (me)

so let it go, cuz my shit is tight

take it how it give it and enjoy da night

4 da nine fuckin 4, it’s da brat and you don’t know

you betta ask some muthafuckin body

lodi dodi i came 2 party

beeee itch!!!

word up h-y, word up hey, word up hey, 4 real doe

shit, word up hey, word up hey, word up hey, 4 real doe

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