《Florence》歌詞:by crooked still Crooked Still mp3歌詞

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Florence-Crooked Still

Not many years their rounds shall roll

Each moment brings it nigh

And all your glories stand revealed

To our admiring eye

You wills of nature speed your course,

You mortal powers decay

Fast as you bring the night of death

You bring eternal day

You weary heavy-laden souls

Who are oppressed sore

You travelers through the wilderness

To Canaan’s peaceful shore

Through beating winds and chilly rains,

And waters deep and cold

And enemies surrounding you

Have courage and be bold

The storms and hurricanes arise

The desert all around

And fiery serpent soft appear

Through the enchanted ground

Dark night and clouds and gloomy fear

And dragons often roar

But when the gospel trump we hear

We’ll press for Canaan’s shore

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