《Building the Even More Perfect Asshole Parade》歌詞:byThe Falcon mp3歌詞

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You turned up your fucking TV

And you don’t listen to the radio

You’re looking really great to me

You’re blasting like a megaphone

You drink the right amounts of water

And get the protein that you need

Sing in the name of your father

Scratching off all the fleas

A smell in the air rose over the city today

It’s fire and it’s thick and it ain’t going away

There’s a billboard down the road now

For a new kind of patriot

It’s got a lot of tits and ass

And it’s popping like a cherry bomb

We unplugged our VCRs now

And we only read magazines

We rarely talk to each other

It’s just a conflict of the memes and genes

‘Cause we’ve got it going on

It’s going, yeah it’s going

The next minute it’s gone

There’s something in the air today

Paint your worries up, they melt away

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