《Lifestream》歌詞:byDream On mp3歌詞

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I see the world as an entire

When I’m most alone.

I’ll walk a mile,

Just to take the throne.

We all have one wing,

But together we can fly away

I see myself doubting everything,

And everyone because it’s you

I sing this song to now.

I’ll walk alone as this is what life’s like now.

The cold will never be so cold, this is because of you

This is because of you.

There’s no life with clean breaks.

Or no chance we can’t take.

Forgiveness lies too deep

To be vanished away.

So flawless from the outside.

Never trust a stranger.

Farewell to our hearts

Remember the so called desire

A brand new spirit destiny,

Won’t let my mind play tricks on me.

Closed chapters, opened curtains

To let myself be focused.

Through coldest nights we found ourselves marching.

Summer nights were meant to save us,

And stop us from aching.

I don’t need another tragic ending,

No time for precious glorifying.

What’s left in me will be better shortly.

I learnt too much, I’ve seen it all

Was love suppose to feel like this?

I can only run away

Let my past drown inside of me.

Let go and leave it all behind.

There’s no life with clean breaks.

No chance we can’t take.

Forgiveness lies to deep

To be vanished away.

When you piece it all together

Fragments of affection, come crawling back together

It will never stop unless you make it,

And grab the chances you have so take it.

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