《End of the Beginning》歌詞:byBlack Sabbath mp3歌詞

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Is this the end of the beginning?

Or the beginning of the end?

Losing control or are you winning?

Is your life real or just pretend?

Reanimation of the sequence;

Rewinds the future to the past.

To find the source of the solution;

The system has to be recast.

Release your mind.

Fast forward to the secrets of your soul.

Your life’s an overload.

Belive your saith?

Then you list set make you an entity

That’s your identity

If you don’t know

which way to go

You might be lost and confused;

A second chance your time to lose

Regeneration of your cyber sonic soul.

Transforming time and space beyond control;

Rise up, resist then be the master of your fate.

Don’t look back before today tomorrow is too late.


You don’t want to be your own but go

Occupied inside a human host

Analyze the world relentlessly

Synthesised until they set you free

Alright, okay, Alright ’till they set you free..

Alright, okay, ’till they set you free..

I don’t want to see you Yeahhhh

I don’t want to see you Yeahh Yeahh Yeahh Yeahh

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