《Circus Girl》歌詞:by Mindy Gledhill Stuart Brawley Joe Corcoran Mindy Gledhill mp3歌詞

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I’d travel near, travel far

If I could just be where you are

We’d have a show

Like performers living life on the go

And I’d tame bears and tigers

Just as long as I could

Walk on a wire, jump through a fire for you

Hang from my knees on a trapeze while you

Make me spin

Yes, you make me twirl

Like a circus girl

From overseas, we’d acquire the most bizarre oddities

And charge quite the fee for the people

Who will flock just to see

I wonder what they’d pay

To see my heart on display


Maybe I’m too blind to see that

I am just the clown who follows you

Around and ’round and ’round but


? 2010 Blue Morph Music (BMI), Stage Three Songs o/b/o itself and Brawleywood Music (ASCAP), and Joe Corcoran (SOCAN)

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