《Catch My Disease》歌詞:byBen Lee mp3歌詞

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My head is a box full of nothing

and that’s the way I like it

My garden’s a secret compartment

Your body’s a dream that turns violent

The winter is long in the city

So please

baby please

Open your heart

Catch my disease

I was backstage in Pomona

and that’s the way I like it

She drank beer with coca-cola

She told me about the winds from Santa Anna

She told me she loved me like fireworks

Open your eyes

Come on

Catch it

Na na na na na na na na na

They play Good Charlotte on the radio

They play Sleepy Jackson on the radio

I hear Beyonce on the radio

cos that’s the way I like it

and they play me on the radio

Open your heart

and catch my disease

Come on

catch my disease

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