《Dream On (Live)》歌詞:byAerosmith mp3歌詞

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Dream On-Aerosmith 持續的夢幻(空中鐵匠)

Everytime that I look in the mirror.每次我照著鏡子

All these lines on my face gettin’ clearer.臉上的皺紋越來越清晰

The past is gone.過去的已逝去

It went by like dusk 2 dawn.就象早與晚的流逝

Isn’t that the way ? 難道這就是生活?

Everybody’s got their dues in life 2 pay.每個人都必須支付生命的費用

I know what nobody knows.我知道無人知曉

Where it comes & where it goes.生活將何去何從

I know it’s everybody’s sin.我知道它是每個人的罪惡

U got 2 lose 2 know how 2 win.你不知道應該如何去贏得生活

Half my life is in books’ written pages.我的前半生已寫在紙上

Live & learn from fools & from sages.活著就是向傻瓜或圣賢學習

U know it’s true.你知道這是真的。

All the things U do,come back 2 U.一切都會回到你的身邊。

Sing with me,sing 4 the year.同我一起唱,為歲月而歌!

Sing 4 the laugh & sing 4 the tear.為笑聲和眼淚而唱!

Sing with me,if it’s just 4 today.和我一起唱,如果只是為了今天

Maybe tomorrow the good Lord will take U away.也許明天上帝就會把你帶走

Dream On,Dream On,Dream On ! 繼續做著夢!

Dream until Urself dream come true.直到你自己夢想成真

Dream On,Dream On,Dream On ! 繼續做夢!

Dream until Ur dream comes true.直到自己的夢想成真

Dream On,Dream On,Dream On ! 繼續做夢!

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