《Becomes The Color》歌詞:byEmily Wells mp3歌詞

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IntroI became the color

I become the daughter and the son

When the feast is over

Welcome to another one

Verse 1Lay my body down down

Down upon the water

Wrapped up in the clothes of my mother and my father

O this is longing

I want to be complete

I was waiting round in a little jump seat

I had a hunger

A mouthful of interludes

You’ll do anything just to get rescued

I had longing

Isn’t that the key

Take take taste taste sweet

They said I’d gone south

I’d gone asunder

They don’t know hunger or what I been under

They were all laughing

Thought i was debris

I was just free

ChorusWe were ready to behave

But there’s no freedom

Without no key

Whatever you think you’ve become

Don’t worry bout it dear it’s where you come from

Verse 2O no no, take me from my misery

There’s no such, thing as living comfortably

There’s no such, thing as going home

I’m not formed of myself alone

All the other others they’ll just fade to black

When you think you have me’s when i don’t look back

Keep on laughing, callin’ after me

Keep on laughin’, I’m just free


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