《Death Valley》歌詞:byFall Out Boy mp3歌詞

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I wanna see your animal side

Let it all out

I wanna see the dirt

Under your skin

I need your broken promises

I want the guts and glory baby

This town is wasted and alone

Cause we are alive

Here in death valley

But don’t take love off the table yet

Cause tonight

Tonight it’s just fire alarms and losing you

We love a lot

So we only lose a little

We are alive

I wanna see your animal side

Let it all out

Oh there you go; undress to impress

You can wear the crown but you’re no princess

Let’s put the “D” in dirt now baby

Let’s get you wasted and alone

We’re gonna die

It’s just a matter of time

Hard times come

Good times go

I’m either gone in an instant

Or here til the bitter end

I never know

What I’ve got will make you feel more alive

I’ll be your favorite drug I will get you high

I will get you high

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