《I See the Door》歌詞:byThe Verve mp3歌詞

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As sirens screamed out in the darkness

And fire fell down from the sky

As we cowered again in the bunker

We all knew the reason why

As our houses lay in ruins

And our sons were shot side by side

As the devil danced upon the graveyard

We all knew who’s to blame

“For I am not one of the cowards

For I’m neither mortal nor weak

For I am the one you have longed for

A new master-race forsee”

He that is without sin among you

Let him first cast a stone on you…

Joh. 8, 1

If wishes were horses, beggars would ride

If leaders feed beggars, a nation of beggars will fight

Those you once seduced

Are now here to be crucified

The principle of a fool

Who’s betrayed and sacrificed

And to the fire-ey’d maid of smoky war

All hot and bleeding will we offer them:

The mailed Mars shall on his altar sit,

Up to the ears in blood…


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