《When I039m With You》歌詞:by Louis Biancaniello Sam Watters Mike Mani Jordan Omley Westlife mp3歌詞

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When I'm with you, when I'm with you

When I'm with you you you you…when I'm with you

What good's a memory

Without you there with me

The morning sun ain't the same without you here

You are the summer breeze

The wind blowing through the trees

You make the loneliness all just disappear

Nothing replaces your touch

Never stop believing in us

They try to break us but we stand strong in love

They'll be no distance too far

I gotta be where you are (right where you are)

I don't wanna face this world alone

Without you by my side

You're the only one that makes it feel like home

And I need you in my life

When you're not around I'm feeling

Like a piece of me is missing

When it feels like the day is closing in

Somehow I find the faith to make it through

When I'm with you, when I'm with you

When I'm with you you you you…….when I'm with you

What good's a photograph

If you're not in the other half

Why even dream if I'm not dreaming of you

You make me a better man

Promise I'll do all I can

Your love keeps bringing me closer to the truth


I questioned whether time or fate

Would ever show me a sign

The moment I saw you that's when I knew

I feel it when I'm with you


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