《All Those Pretty Lights (Live)》歌詞:byAndrew Belle mp3歌詞

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the wind blows through your hair

as you’re walking people stare

up the block

and down the street

to north kings highway

and there’s a beating in my


and it’s seeming to suggest

that before this day is through

it might

go my way

so i sit back in my seat

i scribble down something that’s


about a boy, a girl

and endless stretch of scenery

cause it’s like

falling to your knees

before a stranger on the street

i did it just the other


you should have seen me

oh and i wanna remember this night

and how my

words never

came out right

it’s just my patience that keeps

me alive


like all those pretty lights

just like all those pretty lights

in the


there’s something to be said

about the colors in your head

and how

they mix to form

the perfect shade of sadness

not because of things i’ve


or any of the songs i’ve sung

it’s just the story of our lives

we wish

we had this

and i remember we stayed up

way past you’re bedtime

up on the

2nd floor

down by my sliding door

just innocent kids

in a victimless


trapped in a metaphor

hoping for something more

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