《Heart039s Desire》歌詞:byDreamtale mp3歌詞

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Heart’s Desire

As the sun rises

I see our banners flowing in the wind

And the sounds of trumpets calling for war

All that night I lay awake

Thinking you, thinking war

The madness and despair I have seen

Now the time has come

We will charge to our doom

Arrows are whistling by my ears as we ride


Please my guardian angel

Let me see my love again

In the mercy I thrive

Shelter me, as I shelter mine


I’m riding away

From the light of the day

A letter left behind to lighten my way

I’m writing to you

Maybe (the) last time now

Please let me see your face once more again

Screaming men I left behind

I am sure they all will die

Blood is covering my armor and my sword

Where is the honour? The code we all held?

In this madness we all turn to beasts

Gathered at a grim feast

Our banner is down

We are scourged to death

Flash of pain was the last thing I saw in my life



I’m dying away, I’m leaving today

My rusting sword, lost, alone in this fray

I wrote to you

My last farewell

Please let me see your face once more again

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