《Before It Breaks》歌詞:byBrandi Carlile mp3歌詞

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Around here it’s the hardest time of year

Waking up, the days are even gone

Though the color of my coat

Lord help me killing off the cold

Where the raindrops sting my eyes

I keep them closed

I don’t feel a lot of pain only the lonely

And my quietest friend

Ever the moonlight, have I let you in

Say it ain’t so, say I’m happy again

Say it’s over, say I’m dreamin

Say I’m better than you left me

Say you’re sorry, I can take it

Say you’ll wait, say you won’t

Say you love me, say you don’t

I can make my own mistakes

Let it bend before it breaks

I’m all right, don’t I always seem to be?

Am I swinging on the stars

Don’t I wear them on my sleeves

But when you’re looking for a crossroads

It happens every day, and whichever way you turn

I‘m gonna turn the other way

And learn to let it bend before it breaks

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