《Can039t Forget About You》歌詞:by Adams Gordon Jones Payne Nas mp3歌詞

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Can’t Forget About You


There comes a day in your life when you wanna kick back

Straw hat on the porch when you old perhaps

Wanna gather your thoughts, have a cold one

Brag, to your grandkids about how life is golden

So I will light a cigar in the corridor of the crib

Pictures on the wall of all the things that I did

All the money and fame, 8 by 10’s

of the whole Rat Pack inside of a big frame

Collidin with big names that could’ve made your career stop

All that, and your man is still here and I’m still hot

Wow, I need a moment y’all

See I almost felt a tear drop


When was the last time you heard a real anthem

Nas, the millionaire, the mansion

When was the last time you heard your boy Nas rhyme

Never on schedule, but always on time


These streets hold my deepest days

This hood taught me golden ways

Made me, truly this is what made me

Break me, not a thing’s gonna break me [2x]

Ohh, I’m that history I’m that block

I’m that lifestyle I’m that spot

I’m that kid by the number spot

That’s my past that made me hot

Here’s my life long anthem

Can’t forget about you

(Can’t forget about, Can’t forget about you) [2x]


Can’t forget about the old school, Bam, Cas, Melle Mel, Flash

Rocksteady spinnin on they back

Can’t forget when the first rap Grammy went to Jazzy, Fresh Prince

Fat Boys broke up, rap hasn’t been the same since

So irregular, how it messed you up

when Mr. T became a wrestler

Can’t forget about Jordan’s retirement

The shot Robert Horry to win the game in the finals kid

Some things are forever, some things are not

It’s the things we remember that gave the world shock

They stay in a place in your mind so snug

Like who the person was with whom you first make love




Unforgettable, unsubmittable, I go by N now

Just one syllable, it’s the end cause the game’s tired

It’s the same vibe, Good Times had right after James died

That’s why the gangsta rhymers ain’t inspired

Heinous crimes help record sales more than creative lines

And I don’t wanna keep bringing up the greater times

But I’m a dreamer nostalgic with the state of mind

The past the past enough of it, aight then

But nothing gives me chills like Douglas and Tyson

Or Mike when his talk was live

Or when he first did the moon walk on Motown 25



[Nat King Cole sample]

That’s why, darling, it’s incredible

That someone so unforgettable

Thinks that I am unforgettable too

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