《A Funky Space Reincarnation》歌詞:by Gaye Marvin Gaye mp3歌詞

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Two thousand and seventy three, two thousand and

eighty four, two thousand and ninety three,

light years ahead you and me gone be getting down

on a space bed…..we gone get married in

june….we gonna be getting down on the moon,

light years interplanetary forms on the get down

star wars interplanetary funk……still getting

down.. ….music won’t have no race only face…

peaceful face…. all the time on this trip stuck

inside my mothership I can tell on your face that

you really wanna stay SPACE FUNKY

SPACE……..peaceful space..certain place wait

till I feel cool…..HEY BABY lets get in the

groove………Don’t you look like somebody I met

a long time ago I know I ain’t ever met you though

oooh you look like I’ve been knowing you for a

thousand years gosh ooh I don’t know what’s

happening you know I’m really involved but I been

checking you out you know uh getting some other

reaction seems to me though that we been together

here we supposed to be together COME ON BABY let’s

go peace loving and check out this new smoke naw

this thing I got it ain’t classified as dope smoke

I got from venus have had it all week its getting

old come on and try this new thing with me baby

…too cold….come on now baby lets take off

clean get in this sin machine and rock it rock it

rock it rock it hey little baby let’s magnetize

magnets makes the love rise baby oooh sugar lets

get some more why do I feel like I’ve been….with

……you.. …before shoot me baby with the

creator lots of peace and lots of

fun……everybody he created having lots of fun

lets move the party over to star 1.. …..allrite

Severybody we’re moving now to come in for our

landing here PLUTO all of you who are in group A

send you over to the pludatarium to get plutotized

know you can dig that and the rest of the group B

I know yall gone have a ball BUT HEY little MIss

Bird song come here YOU FOLLOW ME……come on

baby come on down come on baby come on down (LETS



JAZZ) {Repeated over COME ON BABY over and over}

come on lets say what we mean put our hearts into

the real machine. say YEAH say


STOP – well its been a fantastic trip

y’all cut it out – we not even out yet


We gonna come back next week and

Take another load of Funky Folk – Funky Folk

we know you wanna get your heads together

be right here on time

all we gotta say is


we gonna countdown

Zack, you ready?

1 fun

2 you

3 me

4 more

5 no jive

6 no tricks

7 we in heaven

8 everything is straight

9 FINE….. TEEEEEN! next week we’ll do it again!


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