《Loner (Live) 》歌詞:byBlack Sabbath mp3歌詞

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He’s just a loner

He never says hello

A friend to no-one

He’s got no place to go

He don’t look happy

He looks through fertile eyes

He ain’t got nothing

No-one to sympathise alright now

He hides himself away

His secrets not revealed

As life just passes by

He keeps himself concealed

A solitary man an enigmatic child

A riddle never solved

A prisoner exiled alright now

I wonder if the loner cannot simulate

A lifeless lived alone plays

Devil’s advocate come on now

Has he ever tried to be happy

Reach out from inside

Someone on who he can depend

It’s getting too late to recover

He won’t stand a chance

And into his own hell he’ll descend

Don’t descend Don’t descend

Don’t descend Don’t descend

No understanding of things he already knows

He has to live his life

And just let out and go come on yeah

Communication’s an impossibility

He’s his own best friend

But he’s his own worst enemy

The secrets of his past life deep inside his head

I wonder if he’ll be happy

When he’s dead come on yeah

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