《Take It Easy 》歌詞:byEagles mp3歌詞

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Well, I’ve been running down the road我已行到路的盡頭

tryin’ to loosen my load.努力想卸掉心頭重負

I’ve got seven women on my mind:我的心里有七位女人

four that wanna’ hold me,四位想把我留在她們身邊

two that wanna’ stone me,兩位恨得要扔我石頭

and one says she’s a friend of mine.還有一位說她是我的朋友

Take it easy….放輕松

Take it easy….放輕松

Don’t let the sound of your own wheels不要讓你心里回響的聲音之輪

drive you crazy.使你瘋狂

make you crazy.使你瘋狂

Lighten up while you still can在你還可以的時候輕松應對一切吧

don’t even try to understand.甚至不要去窮究追問

Just find a place to make your stand, and只需找到你的立足之地,然后

Take it easy….放輕松

Well, I was standin’ on a corner我站在一個角落里

in Winslow, Arizona,在Arizona的Winslow

such a fine sight to see….在看一幅美景

It’s a girl, my Lord是一個女孩,我的上帝啊

in a flatbed Ford,在一輛敞篷福特里

slowin’ down to take a look at me.緩速經過看了我一眼

Come on, baby…過來呀,親愛的

Don’t say maybe…不要說也許

I gotta’ know if your sweet love

is gonna’ save me.我知道你甜蜜的愛情可以拯救我

We may lose and we may win,我們或聚或離

but we’ll never be here again.但是永不能再邂逅此地

So, open up by climbin’ in, so所以敞開心靈接受我

Take it easy….放輕松

Well, I’ve been running down the road,我已行到路的盡頭

tryin’ to loosen my load.努力想卸掉心頭重負

Got a world of trouble on my mind.煩亂的世界纏繞在我的心頭

I’m lookin’ for a lover,我在尋找一個愛人

who won’t blow my cover.她不會揭去我的遮掩

She’s so hard to find.她是如此難以尋找




Oh, we’ve got it easy我們輕松應對

We ought to take it easy.我們必須放輕松


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