《It039s a Beautiful Day》歌詞:byClub des Belugas mp3歌詞

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(i’m) waking up in your arms

And I still feel sleepy

I really, really, really don’t

Wanna face the day

So many silly things to do

That I can’t escape

But maybe there is somethin’ else

I’d like to stay here with you

It’d be a beautiful day

Sneakin, under the sheets

Snugglin’ up to you

(I)wona wake you up slow

Nestle into you

From our bed to heavens gate

And back again

So please treat me nice and gentle

Wrap my body round yours

It’s a beautiful day

A little bit out of breath

Feelin drained

A little tingle in my feet

And shivers down my spine

I’m getting goosebumps from the afterglow

Oh I’m feelin contented

I wanna do this again

It’d be a beautiful day

Getting up with a smile

Ready to face the day now

Feelin on top of the world

Takin our little secret with me

But when I see you layin’ there

Lookin’at me

I think the day can wait’ till later

I wanna do this again

It’d be a beautiful day

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