《Crystalline》歌詞:by Bj?rk Bj?rk mp3歌詞

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Underneath our feet,

crystals grow like plants.

(listen, how they grow)

I’m blinded by the light

(listen, how they glow)

in the core of the Earth.

(listen, how they grow)


internal nebula


rocks growing slowmo


i conquer claustrophobia


and demand the light

We mimic the openness

of the ones we love,

dovetail our generosity

equalize the flow

With our hearts

we chisel quartz

to reach love.


Octagon, polygon,

pipes of an organ,

sonic branches,

murmuring drone.

Crystallizing galaxies

spread out like my fingers.


Listen, how they grow,

listen, how they glow,

listen, how they grow,

listen, how they glow.

It’s the sparkle you become

when you conquer anxiety.

It’s the sparkle you become

when you conquer anxiety.

Music and lyrics by bj?rk

Gameleste arrangement by bj?rk

Beat programming by 16bit and leila arab

Bassline by bj?rk and 16bit

Engineered by damian taylor, 16bit, curver and sveinn kjartansson

Produced by bj?rk and 16bit

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