《Man of God》歌詞:by Diamond Neil Diamond mp3歌詞

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man of god – neil diamond

i’m a man of god

though i never learned to pray

walked the pathways of the heart

found him there along the way

and i am, yes i am, i’m a man of faith

and faith is something you can’t see

but if we want to make it through

faith is how it’s got to be

i’m thanking you lord for giving me song

for making me strong

and for taking my hand

i’ll go up to heaven when i reach the end

but up until then

gonna do what i can

and i can, yes i can be a man of peace

plant it like a tiny seed

it grows a little when you give

and gives you back when you’re in need

no i am, yes i am, i’m a man of song

gonna sing it far and near

gonna make a joyful sound

one that every heart can hear

singing for him is like touching the sky

i don’t need to know why

i just know that it is

each time i sing out i want to rejoice

cause when i hear my voice

i believe that it’s his

and i am, yes i am, i’m a man of hope.

i haven’t stopped believin’ yet

and while we’re headin’ down that road

hope is what we can’t forget

and i am yes i am, i’m a man of god

know i am, yes i am, i’m a man, i’m a man of faith

i’m a man, yes i am, i’m a man, i’m a man of peace

and i am, yes, i am, i’m a man, i’m a man of song

i’m a man of god

man of god

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