《Coyotes》歌詞:by Jason Mraz Jason Mraz mp3歌詞

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Jason Mraz – Coyotes

Sipping coffee at a quarter to two

i wake up and i’m dallin and my minds running to you

no wonder i’m a one woman man

she keeps me hot in a jar on the nightstand

i should tell her that she couldn’t be more

opposite then a foot in a door,

Theres no one else i would rather go out with,

thats hell when i see them standing there

me and my mouth we don’t mean to be rushing

we talk about deep freely cuz we crushing

i want to shake both sides of the brush ya

theatrically i say we rock it

and when the coyotes they sing at the park

till the city lights starts falling

ride them rodes they winding down till the flame hits the ground

every motion is closer to touching the coyotes sing when they call in the middle of it.

coming back for more,

You know I’m coming for you

you know we should be should be together

while we rock, we won’t put a stop

not today not tomorrow.

you better lock your doors

you know why, cuz we want you

cuz when i kill a liar

i wish the world was a live like you.

I wish the world would help me through

another repetuity to approach you

another telepathic rendezvous

i wish you would walk when your jogging

you got a duty to sell in mexico

i got to try to keep you acting shady

i don’t like liking you when you walk because

i gotta figure out the snooze alarm

i wanta lay in a place till dawn

i wanta play in the park come on

now let me see ya alarm in the lesh hello

And when the coyotes escape to new york

then the city lights has crumbles to the sea

and the girls turned it into lost and found

the flying metal hit the ground

every motion is closer to touching the coyotes singing

I’m a coyote and i got a taste for your loving

you know i will come for you

you know we should be, we should be together,

Because once we work we want to stop

not today or tomorrow

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