《Don039t Even Try It》歌詞:byFunky DL mp3歌詞

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[Verse 1]

Hey yo step back, my voice hit the track

? is back putting hack on the map

And it’s about that time to come correct with the rhyme

Get your feathers and climb to make the ladies feel fine

We shine like sunlight and make the beat run right

Making you rock like you only got one life

Left to feel this, stepping with the realness

We deal this now it’s all about the illness

Half-stepping, never that, we roll properly

A couple hundred bucks past go just like Monopoly

We full flash working this game like professionals

Lyrically put me to work, my feet sessional

I got you open while you digest my sound

Bugging out while you watch my record spin around

You love the way that it sound well go buy it

Think about biting my style? Don’t even try it


What you trying me for?

Yo kid it ain’t worth it

What you trying me for?

Because my rhyme style’s perfect

What you trying me for?

You ain’t going nowhere with that

So don’t try it, ain’t nobody hearing that

So don’t try it cause nobody’s hearing that

And don’t try it, we don’t like you weak cats

And don’t try it, it’s getting hard for you to beat this

It wasn’t worth it cause I figured out your weakness

[Verse 2]

Who’s up next? Who want to test and make me get vexed?

Who wants to test ST while he be on decks?

You know we make people bounce like out-of-date cheques

And take a step back like getting back with your ex

? the sound, incorporate the jazz step

You wanna front son? You’re walking on your last step

Wickedly shifty, it make your crew say

You put my tape inside your box, I’ll make your breastplate

Erasing cats with their raps when he pass through

Just so long as they never ever diss the class crew

They have to show the most respect for DNAQ

We always giving out the love and never hate you

We never ever came to do this on some quick shh

But when we do you know we guaranteed to rip shh

We make the loud rap cats stay quiet

Think about stepping to D? Don’t even try it


[Verse 3]

Yo this be my last verse, the verse to be the free throw

Ey yo we breezing right through like when the wind blows

But when the kick drum pump we break your windows

You know when shit gets played just like Nintendos

Big up my man ? we make the beat knock

Big up to Strumfield, Dela, and Pete Rock

I got my style on lock just like a cellblock

Cause when I ride on beats I make your legs shocked

It’s hip hop nonstop, we elevating this

So many cats out there will be relating this

Debating this but yo we on a love vibe

Making you jump to this, we on a club vibe

Turn this music right up, I need to hear this

Lyrically as an MC, DL’s fearless

Maintaining myself to start a riot

Think about taking me out? Don’t even try it


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