《You Picked Me》歌詞:by Alison Sudol A Fine Frenzy mp3歌詞

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?One two three

Counting out the signs we see

The tall buildings

Fading in the distance

Only dots on a map

Four five six

The two of us a perfect fit

You’re all mine all mine

And all I can say

Is you blow me away

# Like an apple on a tree

Hiding out behind the leaves

I was difficult to reach

But you picked me

Like a shell upon a beach

Just another pretty piece

I was difficult to see

But you picked me #

Yeah you picked me

So softly

Rain against the windows

And the strong coffee

Warming up my fingers

In this fisherman’s house

You got me

Searched the sand

And climbed the tree

And brought me back down

And all I can say

Is you blow me away

Repeat #

Yeah you picked me

Repeat # × 2

Yeah you picked me

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