《Life in the Fast Lane》歌詞:by Frey Henley Walsh Eagles mp3歌詞

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he was a hard-headed man

he was brutally handsome,

and she was teminally pretty

she held him up,

and he held her for ransome in the heart

of the cold, cold city

he had a nasty reputation as a cruel dude

they said he was ruthless, they said he was crude

they had one thing in common,

they were good in bed

shed say, faster,faster. the lights are turnin red.”

life in the fast lane

surely make you lose your mind, mm

life in the fast lane

eager for action and bot for the game

the coming attraction, the drop of a name

they knew all the right people,

they took all the right pills

they threw outrageous parties, they paid heavily bills.

there were lines on the mirror, lines on her face

she pretended not to notice,

she was caught up in the race

out every evening, until it was light

he was too tired to make it,

she was too tired to fight about it

life in the fast lane

surely make you lse your mind

life in the fast lane,

everything all the time

life in the fast lane, uh huh

blowin and burnin, blinded by thirst

they didnt see the stop sign,

took a turn for the worst.

she said, “listen, baby.you can hear the engine ring.

weve been up and down this highway;

havent seen a goddam thing.”

he said,”call the doctor. i think im gonna crash.”

“the doctor say hes comin, but you gotta pay him cash.”

they went rushin down that freeway,

messed around and got lost

they didnt know they were just dyin to get off

by jerry

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