《Fisherman039s Song》歌詞:by Simon Carly Simon mp3歌詞

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(Carly Simon)

In a pine forest cooler than the rest of the island

Lives a young fisherman with eyes like the sea

He built his own boat and made his own cabin

But he’s broken the hearts of the likes like me

Now you must understand he made me a promise

There were secrets we shared we planted a tree

We lived in a cabin, I fished along side of him

I fell under the spell of his sorcery

When he cast me adrift at the end of the summer

It was not for another but his own privacy

I fell apart like a rose, but the scent of my longing

Remains and it weeps like an old willow tree

At night when it’s still, with a yellow moon rising

When his candle is snuffed and he’s deep in a dream

I move like a cat, and crawl into his window

And lie down beside him in a golden moonbeam

The smell of his skin is just like the summer

When our love was as fresh as the grass in the fields

And ever so softly I kiss his eyelids

Before slipping away, my secret concealed

Though I’m in it alone, I’m still in it, In love

And love can be lonely like a sweet melody

But just maybe he feels like a whisper inside him

Like an angel beside him, keeping him company

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