《Live in the Bedroom》歌詞:byTim Moxam mp3歌詞

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In the morning we’ll wake to the sound of the neighbors

And we’ll curse and we’ll blame

And we’ll call them funny names

You will cover your eyes from the morning light with your shirt

And think of the grasshopper warming the dirt

And as we will lay be reminded of the day

By the noises of footsteps and the slamming of doors

And the drilling and sawing of the workers under our bed

We’ll ignore and make love to the roar of their

In the nighttime we’ll study the sounds of our voices

And learn the scents to which we have been drawn

I’ll not open my eyes ’cause I’ve not slept for days

Or is it I’m blind by the beauty in your face

We’ll trust to our fingers to feel in the darkness

To trace and define all the shapes we desire

We will seek and discover

Just how close we can get to each other

And I’ll wait for your new eyes to meet mine again

Our sheets will be made of some fine hand-woven cotton

Ironed and spread across a king-size bed frame

Their colors will reflect the seasons that’ve passed us by

Though no weariness stained will reflect in our eyes

Though if we should tire of our lives in the bedroom

And make from the kitchen through the hall to the door

And if we should choose to explore together or alone

I’ll remember the days when the bed was our home

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