《We Are》歌詞:byAna Johnsson mp3歌詞

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Ana Johnsson – We Are

Album: The Way I Am

See the devil on the doorstep now

My oh my

Telling everybody ,oh just how to live their lives

Sliding down the information highway

Buying in just like a bunch of fools

Time is ticking and we can’t go back

What about the world today

What about the place that we call home

We’ve never been so many

And we’ve never been

So alone

Keep watching from your picket fence

You keep talking but it makes no sence

You say we’re not responsible

But we are, we are

You wash your hands

You come out clean

But fail to recognize the enemy’s within

We are

One step forward, making two steps back

Riding piggy on the bad boys back

For life

Lining up for the grand illusion

No answers for no questions asked

Lining up for the execution

Without knowing why

It’s all about power, bout taking control

Breaking the will ,and raping the soul

They suck us dry ’til there’s nothing left

My oh my My oh my

And we’ve never been

(It’s all about power, bout taking control)

(Breaking the will ,and raping the soul)

(They suck us dry ’til there’s nothing left)

(My oh my My oh my)

(It’s all about, It’s all about power, bout taking control)

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