《Walk in the Rain》歌詞:byPassenger mp3歌詞

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I walked the steps of my father today

Worked till I froze and my face turned grey

And all of my fingers calloused and worn to the bone

And I felt like a child in a world full of men

Trying to capture that something again

Strong as an ox but slowly turning to stone

Walking away from this room dark and grey

Smoke hangs in clouds and the old echo plays

And the music is soft

And the voice it is hushed

And the boy he has loved

And the man he has lost

And I walk out in the rain

All over again

I felt the touch of my mother today

Gently pushing me forward again

Closing my eyes but still feeling the way

And I’m clutching at fingers through crumples & creases

I came to my senses it cut me to pieces

‘Cause I needed more but I was pulling away

Walking alone with these legs made of stone

I’m almost dry and I’m almost home

Where the photographs smile

And I’m still someone’s child

And my place it is set

So I’ll stay for a while

Till I walk out in the rain

Like water would stain

And I’m born all over again

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