《Million Dollar Question》歌詞:by Thom Yorke Radiohead mp3歌詞

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Was always waiting for the crush

The car to drive right through the shops

To call in sick and late at work

And take a holiday

Was always tangled up in knots

To keep myself from speaking up

But no one’s listening anyway

Just trying to bribe me

And if it’s alright

Then what am I doing here?

And if it’s alright

This place is gassed by fear

And if it’s alright

I’ll tell you, ’cause you’ll never understand

And if it’s alright

I’ll beg you, ’cause I’m a begging kind of man

Today I wrote a bad cheque

Packed a bag and took a jet

But no one’s looking anyway

I hope they miss me

(Sometimes I think maybe I’m making a big mistake)

Vocals and Guitar: Thom E. Yorke

Lead Guitar, Piano and Organ: Jon Greenwood

Guitar and Vocals: Ed O’Brien

Bass: Colin Greenwood

Drums: Phil Selway

Produced by Sean Slade and Paul Q. Kolderie.

Published by Warner Chappell Music Ltd.

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