《Shake And Tumble》歌詞:byFirehouse mp3歌詞

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Turn up the jukebox

We’re gonna tear this damn place down

Lookin’ for action

Yeah, wherever it can be found

I’m Johnny-on-the-spot

I don’t need no lady

I need a woman that gets me hot

Too naughty to be nice, too bad to be good

I’m all shook up, be -be -be -baby I don’t know what to do

Got that rhythm and it makes me loose control

When we…


Shake and tumble

Shake and tumble down with me baby

Shake and tumble down

I need a woman that can make me

Shake and tumble down (aw yeah)

Body slammin’

Gotcha on the floor

D-down and dirty

Is what I’m lookin’ for

Got that rhythm and it makes me lose control

When we…


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