《Chances Are》歌詞:byLee Ann Womack mp3歌詞

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Chances are I took the wrong turn

Every time I had a turn to take

And I guess I broke my own heart

Every chance I had a heart to break

And it seems I spent my whole life

Wishin’ on the same unlucky star

And as I watched you ‘cross the bar room

I wonder what my chances are

Well I know you’ve been around

And you’ve seen what you needed to see

And at night when you’re dreamin’

You’re probably not dreamin’ ’bout me

Oh it’s safe to say I’ve stumbled

But I’ve managed to make it through this fall

As I take one step and then another

I wonder what my chances are

I have watched the world go by hand in hand

And wondered why I’m still so alone

Could I lay down my foolish pride

And maybe finally find my heart a home

The band has started playing

A simple songs I used to know

And I take your hand and walk you out

Danced through the rhythm way down low

Every heart has got a story

Mine just has few more scars

But they could heal if you will hold me

And tell me what my chances are

Well it could heal if you will hold me

And tell me what my chances are


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