《Back With Another One feat NieveTunji amp Noah King》歌詞:byAcro Jazz Laboratories mp3歌詞

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Tunji :

Ayo I m searchin for the passion

that I had when i would first spit

Tryna cram my words into the rhymes

to make the verse fit

Found out that my flow s a gifted curse

but its a cursed gift

And started to believe em when they said

I wasn t worth shit

The earth twists and the days go by

…been kinda low lately so I stay so high

that I can see the planes

Go by, remains so fly

And spit legendary lines so my name won t die

I m a rhyme scholar, allergic

to the drama

And all I want is to add a couple

commas to my dollars

I never really got caught up

with the players and the ballers

I d rather be myself and leave

my fate up to my karma

Cali kush packed snug in a fat blunt

Room smoky like a 1920s jazz club

So if you need another drink

just put you glass up

And if you lookin for the illest rhyme

you better ask tunji

Noah :

We on again

Back with another one*4


Just like a spy hunter,

put up a smoke screen

And try to separate myself

from those who don t dream

The world they don tsee,

I still believe it

So they call me Nieve,

but they don t know the meaning

I m a diamond in this rough draft.

I keep working and rhyming

until suns passed

I see the sands of time

as the blunts ashed off the tray

Hide behind some dark shades

while I m in the stage

They keep grabbin me, so I gotta keep my gravity

Spit a couple flows that arose insanity

The crowd screams, surprised they found kings

Appear like the sun behind the cloud beams

Nieve, Young Tunj, and Noah King

Just a couple story tellers who set our minds free

I m glad that I be on this path I m on

All them other emcees aint half as strong


We living it all, we living it right

We giving it all, for that real hiphop

One life… one life…

We keep it on

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