《Ev039ry Time》歌詞:by Blane Martin June Christy mp3歌詞

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False or true, I wish I had a clue or two

Where I stood I thought I knew

Or should

True or false, life wasn’t ever any waltz

Then it caught the somersaults

For good

Might have known it would

Ev’ry Time my heart begins to dance

The world steps on my little toes.

Ev’ry time I take a little chance

I pay right through my little nose.

Ev’ry time I fly my little kite

It catches on a tree.

Ev’ry time I throw an anchor out

It pulls me in the sea.

Ev’ry time I feel a little glow

I always get a little shock.

Ev’ry time I stick my little chin out

I always get a little knock,

And when I aim my arrows at the sun

They always miss their mark

Leaving just a lonely little lady

In the dark

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