《Where The River Bends 》歌詞:byMatthew Barber mp3歌詞

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Where The River River Bends

Tell me what you think, tell me what you feel

Is this thing a fake, or is it for real

Is it what you hoped for, what you dreamed

Is it something strange, that you never seen

Does it lift you up, closer to the light

Does it send you raging into the night

Where did it begin, will it ever end

Where the sun sets and the river bends

Where the river bends, is a place I’ve been

The water’s not as blue, and the grass well it ain’t so green

The current gets strong, it can pull you down

You gotta swim hard, if you want to turn around

But i don’t want to go there, baby not with you

I’m happy right here, now I got a love that’s true

So let’s stay awhile, and invite our friends

No one needs to go where the river bends

No No No

I don’t want to go there, baby ever again

I’m gonna be with you right here till the very end

So let’s stay forever and ever and ever amen

No one needs to go where the river bends

No No No

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