《House Shoes》歌詞:bySnoop Dogg mp3歌詞

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Ay Snoop Dogg

Ay ay ay Snoop Dogg~!

We the people, wanna know

What's it like to be a boss mayne?

I mean, what's it really like to walk in yo' shoes mayne?

[Snoop Dogg]

(Yo!) This ain't no cake walk nigga

Your cuz keep it pimpin man I made y'all niggas

(Yo!) The game played you niggas

I'm 19 in, kush and a Swisher

(Yo!) Cash by the bundles and bundles at wholesale

No bail the feds tryin to give me mo' jail

But I'm a superstar, ridin in my super car

Ponytail swangin, gangbangin, lookin super hard

(Yo!) I wake up every day and blow a zip

Count grams, contraband on my HIP

Outstanding with my pimp hand, handing me my GRIP

Outlandish on my tip like nigga this Crip

(Yo!) The bouelvard star, red carpet walker

So +Famous+, feelin like +Amos+

Fuck the police, one time cain't contain us

I'm rich as a motherfucker ain't I? Ain't I?

(Yo!) I'm the boss and you know dat

Send two I send 'bout fo' back, dead

(Yo!) Don't let the names do you wrong

I'm so involved with the heat I need meds

(Yo!) My whole life is like a video

I make good music like really doe

Standin on my own two, lookin at you suckers, what'chu gon' do?

{*shhhhhh*} Ballin ain't a thing that's what I'm gon' do

(Yo!) Back at 'em, the 'llac with a chandelier

With a +Foxy+ bitch, I call her Pam Grier

(Yo!) This my part of town, you can't stand here

You say you gangster? The Runners gettin ran here

Chop 'em up, sit 'em down, please don't disturb the Dogg

Ain't worth the call, shit I ain't even heard of y'all

The nerve of y'all, to face what you cain't see

I don't give a fuck who went down, she he ain't me

(Yo!) Khakis creased, All Stars, blue barette

So much money on him shit the city tried to sue the set

Boss Dogg, here I go, hoggin in my own lane

In 1988, I was cookin up the whole thang

(Yo!) And now I'm involved with slangin raps

Million dollar deals, movies and countin stacks

The critics try to fight the facts

But I'm loved everywhere, go and fight that

(Yo!) I think they love it when I'm trippin

That pop shit make it hard to listen

(Yo!) But when it sounds like this

It make a nigga wanna pop his clip in, now listen

(Yo!) Turn that beat up, that bass got 'em feelin froggy

Quit your talk, I got homies bigger than John Coffey

(Yo!) And they'll tear this whole place up

Got gangsters puttin on makeup, ya dig?

(Yo!) The West coast king is on his shit again

They in panic like “How do we get rid of him?”

The answer is you cain't

And even if you could, then motherfucker you ain't


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